UI/UX - Digital Product Design. 

We design beautiful user experiences that distil complex functionality into intuitive user interfaces.

Starting with low fidelity sketches and wireframes, our designers iterate your product to high fidelity – pixel perfect experiences that work seamlessly across devices.

Obsessed with the detail, we apply the same human-centred design approach to every challenge, whether it’s a financial dashboard or a branded ecommerce website.

Design Services

  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Wireframe & Interactive Prototyping
  • Interaction Design
  • Digital Brand Design
  • Visual Design
  • Usability Testing

We’re a design-led studio

We believe that great engineering is wasted if it’s hidden behind a poor user experience. Despite what your CTO tries to tell you, your customers care far more about that button that’s difficult to click than they do about the caching of your node modules.

Our approach puts customer needs first. We take the time to understand and empathise with the people we’re building the product for.

We then look at the best examples of similar products from markets around the world. We have an international team and client base, so by default we have a diverse, global perspective.

We distil complex functionality into simple, intuitive products

We start with wireframes, diagrams and sketches to plan out the product.

Much of the intial design is technical – planning how functionality will work and how a complex system fits together. This is also when we get creative with user experience, experimenting with ideas to try and create something people will find intuitive, delightful and familiar.

As we iterate designs to high fidelity, we ensure your brand is reflected and elevated in the user interface. It’s not just about matching colours and fonts, it’s about creating the right look and feel for your product. Playful or serious? Minimal or eclectic? Corporate or startup? We craft a user experience that fits with your individual needs and identity.

A collaborative design approach that adapts to your way of working

Our design process is built to be flexible and transparent to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Ambitious digital projects are complex by nature and may involve multiple internal and external teams. We’ve built our process to enable seamless project management and knowledge sharing between teams. This means we can operate as either a full service partner or a plug-and-play “team-as-a-service”.

We’ve collaborated with external development teams on many projects. As development experts ourselves, we understand their needs and can integrate with their workflow easily.

Build products.
Delight users.
Grow your business.

Let’s talk at hello@crowdform.co.uk