A transatlantic brand collaboration for a truly natural drinks product.

Säpp birch water is an organic, all-natural beverage that contains one key ingredient – birch sap. Harvested direct from the birch tree, it is never diluted with water, contains no added sugars and has only ten calories per bottle.

The Säpp brand is all about friends, ideas and aspirations, and their team have an infectious determination to tell the world about the wonders of the birch water they love.

Working with New York-based designer, Simon Grendene, we created a site that teased out the simple, natural beauty of the product story. We juxtaposed the sweeping wide-shots of the Eastern European landscape with the more intimate urban scenes, emphasising the journey from a Ukrainian tree to a New York store. The site was completed in around a week, with the capacity to expand it into a full e-commerce platform built in.

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