Launching a data intelligence platform for hedge funds

Red Deer
Website, Branding, UX Design

In the hedge fund world, information is king. From using satellite images to track the number of cargo ships passing through ports, to writing algorithms that automatically trade based on minuscule price movements, firms will use any means necessary to get an information edge over the market. Oceans of data are generated each day by companies, analysts and the market. How do you separate the signal from the noise – with enough confidence to place large trades?

Spun out from a successful hedge fund, the Red Deer platform uses machine learning to generate trade recommendations tailored to an investor’s individual portfolio, risk appetite and investment strategy. In addition to trade data, prices and news, it can also analyse atypical and unstructured data sources like analyst notes. To support their clients’ back office, they also build tools to support compliance with MiFiD II and other regulation.

They briefed us to create their branding, marketing site and a set of top-level UI guidelines for their design team. Early on, we agreed the right strategy was to go for bold visual impact and avoid the forgettable cliches of their competitors. Their target audience – decision makers in hedge funds – aren’t used to waiting around. They expect clear, blunt and assertive communication.

From this we developed a bold red and black colour palette, angular mark and the moniker “Are you keeping up?”. Using animated chevrons to symbolise the momentum of the market, also echoed in the imagery, we applied these ideas across the website and other communication assets. A key task was getting their design and engineering teams on board with our vision, as they would be it’s custodians moving forward. We took care to involve them throughout the process via workshops and a shared Slack channel. The outcome is a memorable, energetic site that distills complex products into easily understandable value propositions.

Since going live with the new identity and site, Red Deer have seen an uptick in customer growth and have been featured by key press outlets.