Relaunching the digital presence of one of the hottest food brands in London.

Pitt Cue

Pitt Cue has been on an incredible journey: launched as a Food Truck on the Southbank, they evolved into a tiny bricks-and-mortar site in Soho and now, finally, have matured into a full-blown restaurant with an expanded kitchen and extended bar. They even have their own micro-brewery: Alphabeta, and a best-selling cookbook.


With stellar reviews from The GuardianThe StandardThe TelegraphTimeout, and the approval of every foodie in the city, they have truly conquered the London gourmet BBQ scene.


They briefed us to handle their digital relaunch, to coincide with the launch of their new premises. The challenge was to elevate their original street-food aesthetic to the rarified atmosphere of the London food scene, staying true to their roots while effectively communicating their new value-proposition. Just like them, we took a simple idea and made it great. The site is basic and beautiful, with bespoke graphics dotted around the site to ensure the Pitt Cue identity is present throughout.