Creating a dynamic e-commerce site for Lovebullets, the fashion label that turns bullets into unique jewellery.

Lovebullets prides itself on pushing the boundaries through art and innovative product development. The aim during the design process is to soften the hardness of war artillery and enthuse these objects with a new life and usage, changing perceptions and working with their shapes uncovering subtle beauty in the most unlikely places.

From the rawness of manipulated brass bullet shells to slick casted sterling silver and gold pieces all designed, handcrafted and made in the UK by a team of artisans, Lovebullets flies the flag for high quality British made goods. The commercial aesthetic of the designs makes Lovebullets extremely desirable yet the brand remains current and cutting edge.

Working to a crazy deadline, we designed and built their new e-commerce site in under a week. Working with their minimal, raw aesthetic, we created a site that both showcases the unique Lovebullets identity and accommodates their extensive online product range. Their online business is now stronger than ever, and if you bump into them at Glastonbury, say hi from us…

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