Commodity trading platform built on blockchain

FTSE 100 Company
Blockchain, Product Development, UX Design, Technical Consultancy

There’s plenty of hype around public blockchain networks – of which cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the most well known – but less about private networks (invite-only networks shared between a small number of agreed parties) despite the latter often having more practical value. By building enterprise software on private blockchain networks, companies can leverage the features of blockchain – decentralization, immutability – to benefit their business. These can range from optimising supply chains, to validating identity, to managing compliance.

We were approached by one of the largest energy companies in the world to build a product that modernised the way they traded commodities internally. Our solution was an intuitive single-view app that allowed their team to analyse live data and place trades, with the backend built on a private blockchain.

Working in partnership with a team of blockchain experts we designed and built the app, integrating it with the blockchain via an API. The system has been deployed, and is now in daily use in their offices around the world.