BTP Advisers

A publishing platform and dynamic portfolio for a global communications agency.

BTP - Political PR

BTP Advisers is a political communications agency based in London, Paris and Washington D.C. They’ve worked on some amazing projects around the world, from the Ebola crisis in Liberia to poverty eradication in Bangladesh.

They came to us with an ambitious brief: build us the best PR portfolio on the web, and create a platform where we can share our unique perspective on global politics. Their goal was to make BTP a thought-leader in the communications industry, and challenged us to come up with the digital tools to make it happen.

Screenshot of BTP redesign

Our response was “Insights”, a publishing platform within the site for articles and podcasts produced by them and their collaborators. We wanted their stories to feel as impactful as possible, so our starting point was the idea that every article should feel like a longform feature. The result is a reading experience that feels as weighty as any of the top online editorial outlets. Check it out here.

We chose to build the site using ReactJS and Crowdform CMS. This gave us complete control over every detail, and resulted in a site which is lighting fast, extendable, and won’t be overtaken in front-end engineering for years.

BTP Digital Marketing Campaign from Crowdform

The primary design goal was to communicate the forward-thinking, global approach taken by BTP, and to emphasise the information edge they have over their competitors. We developed a restrained, statement-led design toolkit, and pulled in some novel UX elements like autoloading a new article, contextual page transitions, podcast waveforms and, importantly, some clocks in the footer.

BTP Work Redesign

We finished the process with a week long workshop at our offices, where members of their team could come in and work with us directly. The outcome is a site that puts them years ahead of their closest competitors, and invites significant attention to their work and mission. They pushed us to do some of our best work, and they’ve seen digital engagement grow by orders of magnitude since launch.

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