Our design and ecommerce teams came together to launch Beeches London – a vibrant swimwear brand inspired by Cuba.

The idea behind Beeches is simple: create swim shorts that have bright, interesting designs, without compromising on quality.

The patterns are all hand drawn and inspired by the vibrant culture of Havana; vivid, bold and full of colour. So, if you’re a wallflower they might not be your thing. The product comes in two differing lengths, so whether you’re a short, shorts kinda guy, or not, we’ve got you covered.

Led by Samuel Muir, our creative director, we created an online aesthetic inspired by the character of the shorts, but which ensured the user’s purchase process remained easy and clear. It was important to emulate the bright colours, but a clean, relatively delicate font, as well as neat text layout was used to add an element of sophistication to the brand. The site was completed within a week, and has the capacity to develop into a much more complex purchasing platform.

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