An online career history verified by blockchain

UX Design, Website, Product Development

How do you know if someone’s telling the truth on their CV? Hiring an undertrained candidate may mean they aren’t up to the job, and for many industries employers risk prosecution if they hire someone without the necessary qualifications. Billions are spent worldwide on employee background checks, and as worker migration increases the need to verify applicants’ legal right to work is growing.

APPII offers a simple solution. For employers – quick and affordable employee checks. For workers – a verified online CV that makes it simpler for potential employers to hire you. And it’s all stored on the blockchain to guarantee accuracy and data security.

We joined APPII to overhaul the experience of using their product. The technology their team had built was clever, but the user interface needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. Users were struggling to navigate the complex flows required to complete checks, and the design of the CVs meant users weren’t happy sending them to potential employers.

Our team created a comprehensive new UI system, applying it first across the web app then across the iOS and Android apps. Our approach was guided by a few key ideas. We decided to use familiar native interface components as much as possible to reduce the learning curve for new users. We wanted users to be delighted with their profiles to encourage them to complete and share them. Thirdly, we put as much emphasis on the ease of use for the backend employer views as the frontend user views. The usability often drops for the back of house – we recognised early on that in this case it was key to the success of the business.

Working closely with their team through regular workshops, Slack and a shared task board, we directed the roll out of the new interface. It was a design-led project, but our developers regularly checked and amended the frontend code to ensure our designers’ vision was implemented correctly.

APPII is live in the app store, and has completed an additional funding round following our work.